Concord Mills mall traffic to be alleviated by new bridge

January 23, 2018 by  

A new flyover bridge on Interstate 85 will improve access to the Concord Mills Mall area, which attracts about 17 million visitors every year.

At a cost of $10.2m, the Department of Transportation said that the two left turn lanes near the main entrance to the mall, Kings Grant Pavilion, will be eliminated by the bridge. It will be two lanes wide, connecting the main entrance to the mall complex, and should improve traffic flow on Concord Mills Boulevard.

The final destination of drivers on the bridge will be the parking lot of the mall, so as to alleviate traffic on the incoming roads to the mall.

The contract to build the bridge has been awarded to the Blythe Development Company of Charlotte. The company said that construction could begin as soon as May, with an expected completion date of the roadway portion of the project by June 2020.

Jennifer Thompson, a spokeswoman for the North Carolina Department of Transportation, said that traffic management plans will be implemented during construction so as to minimize the disruption to drivers and visitors in the area.
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