Pediatric cancer research fundraiser held in Columbia

February 18, 2017 by  

The Mizzou Men’s Basketball team held a fundraising game in support of Rally for Rhyan again this year, taking place on February 4.

Along with the team game, the fundraiser also consisted of a Fashion Show for the first time. Both events were created to raise funds for pediatric cancer research.

The fundraiser is named after Rhyan, the daughter of the basketball team’s Special Assistant Brad Loos. Rhyan has been battling cancer, and her battles made others realize that there are many other kids like her and they need help as well. Although the Government has $5bn budgeted for research, only 4% is allotted to pediatric cancer, so organizers wanted to do their share to help.

The fashion show allowed children to model clothes from local merchants and walk the catwalk like high fashion models. Six-year-old Rhyan was thrilled to be part of the event and share it with many of her friends.

It is likely the businesses who provided the clothing advertised the event with posters at their store entrances to maximize the attendance and fundraising success. Many other local vendors were in attendance at the event and donated to the cause as well, most of which expressing that they want to return next year.

The basketball game last year raised $50,000 for cancer research. With over 10,000 in attendance that year, it was deemed a huge success and will likely continue as a yearly event.