New spa offers patrons an escape from daily stimulus

November 24, 2016 by  

Clarify Floats Spa, which recently held its official opening in Columbia, offers customers a an escape from daily distractions with 90-minute float sessions in soundproof pods.

The float spas contain water with Epsom salts, which helps support customers during sessions designed to relax every muscle.

Owners of the spa are likely busy working with a local print company to produce brochures to enable interested customers to obtain insightful information on this experience.

The spa offers two different tanks: the dream pod, which is a sleekly modern pod with a roomy interior and LED lights, and the Pro Float Cabin, which offers more space for those who tend to be claustrophobic and allows ample room to stand up in, along with the ability to customize a float experience.

Water is set at 93.5°F, about the same temperature as human skin. The water is sent through a filtration system multiple times after each float, ensuring the removal of pathogens. The spa itself consists of just over 2,000 square feet and customers are encouraged to stick around after and enjoy their post-float relaxation by mingling with other patrons, reading, and enjoying some tea.

Clarity Float Spa is located at 309 S. Providence Rd. Those wishing to visit the spa can sign up for a monthly membership which offers a once-a-month visit at a $10 discount from the regular price. Gift cards are also available.