Delivery times changing for local newspaper

January 17, 2017 by  

Residents in and around Columbia will now be able to wake up to the morning newspaper effective February 6th. The Columbia Tribune also announced that the paper will be printed with a new design to bring a more modern look.

Many other newspaper printing companies have eliminated afternoon deliveries over the years. In 1940, only a small percentage of newspapers were delivered in the morning. In more recent times that small percentage is for the handful of papers delivering in the afternoons.

The Tribune believes that changing the delivery times will allow them to better cycle and cover news stories. For example, if reporters are covering a late-night meeting or event, subscribers would be reading the story in the morning when previously reporters would have been just sitting down to right the story.

The newspaper also announced that it will publish newspapers on five major holidays that they previously did not print. The holidays include Christmas and New Year’s Day along with Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day.

The Tribune delivers various products including the regional copy of the New York Times. The paper contracts with delivery drivers to deliver the Times and other publications overnight. By switching to the morning delivery of the Tribune, the drivers can deliver multiple products at once.

When the change goes into effect, all customers should have their newspapers at their door by 7:00am.