College alumni fight to save journalism program

June 14, 2017 by  

The University of Missouri alumni are rallying together to safe the colleges Agriculture Journalism program from being cancelled.

Red Barn Media Group associate editor, Marilyn Cummins from Columbia, is one of those being vocal about the benefits of the course to future students.

Cummins is a former faculty member and graduate of the school and credits the program for giving her the career she currently has. It is likely that many of the students who have graduated from the university are behind hundreds of articles written in brochures and other media venues addressing the importance of agriculture in America and abroad.

Students currently enrolled will be able to complete their degree or transfer to another program. With lower enrollments and some faculty members retiring, the college is able to meet budget constraints by combining programs to hopefully reduce the number of layoffs.

The college has to make over $100 million in cuts and each campus has been tasked to do their share to meet this objective. The Journalism school is taking a big cut with a possible 15 full-time faculty positions slated for elimination.

Students will still be able to pursue other degrees in journalism as the school will continue its commitment to support inputs to the Columbia Missourian newspaper KOMU-TV news broadcasts and KBIA public radio.
Those protesting the cancellation of the program have started a Facebook letter-writing campaign. The school began its Agriculture Journalism courses in the 1920s.