Stormwater ordinance approved in Colorado Springs

August 19, 2017 by  

The Colorado Springs City Council has begun the process of putting stormwater fees on the ballot this upcoming November, by passing an ordinance that rewords the current code discussing these fees.

The code now in place dates from 2009. In taking this vote, the council acknowledged there are still issues to be resolved about fees, but wanted to initiate discussion. Before any fees can be reissued, the council still has to approve the wording that will be used on the ballot, and voters must approve the measure. The council will vote on the rewording on Tuesday, August 22.

Owners of residential property would pay $5 monthly, while owners of nonresidential property would incur fees of $30 per month per acre. Officials expect that the fees would raise about $17m every year for the twenty years after they are imposed.

Property owners will be responsible for paying the fees, but no details are available yet on how the fees would impact renters.

Colorado Springs has been paying its part of stormwater obligations using money from the general fund. Imposing the fees would allow the city to use the money in the fund for other purposes, such as hiring police.

When this type of measure is considered, the situation can be helped if officials work with a flyer printing company to create a mailer for residents.