Park entrance to be repaired thanks to donations

July 6, 2017 by  

The stone entrance to Monument Valley Park is under repair, thanks to the Friends of Monument Valley Park and the State Historical Fund.

The Friends group donated $64,000 to the project, while the Fund provided a grant of $170,570 and the city chipped in $20,000. Together, the money was enough to pay the $250,000 it will take to repair the entryway.

The entrance to the Colorado Springs park, which was constructed in 1938 after major flooding damaged the park, is 400 feet long. Now, almost 80 years after it was built, poor drainage and vegetation have caused cracks and bulges in the wall, such that in 2012, it was judged one of the most likely of the park’s 39 structures to collapse. This assessment moved it to the top of the repair list.

The repairs are being handled by Terry Alexander, a stonemason from Stonecraft in Fort Collins. The restoration requires meticulous care, such as making sure any new mortar used matches that used in the original construction. An archaeologist has to be on site at all times to ensure the workers do not accidentally destroy or damage historic artifacts. In addition, the masons have to replace all the stones they remove in the same order they took them down.

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