Park in Colorado Springs receives grant

September 14, 2017 by  

Dogs in Colorado Springs will soon have a more pleasant place to play, thanks to a grant from Pet Safe.

Through its ‘Bark for Your Park’ program, the organization gave $10,000 to the Cheyenne Meadows Puppy Park Pals. Pet Safe gives grants to 25 communities annually. Of these, ten receive $5,000 each to maintain the dog parks that already exist, another ten receive $10,000 to improve existing parks, and five lucky communities are given $25,000 to help them build new parks for canine companions.

The Cheyenne Meadows Puppy Park Pals is headed by Jason Hansen. He and the members of his organization are volunteers who work to maintain their dog park. Hansen says he has got to know his neighbors because of the park, which everyone loves, and adds that working on the park brings people together.

The Park Pals expect to receive the grant soon, and will use it to build a large shelter to provide shade for the pups. The work will be carried out by group members, who get together to work on park improvements at least once each year.

Colorado Springs’ Kurt Schroeder, who is with the parks department, values the residents’ help, saying the city depends on groups like the Puppy Park Pals to help maintain open spaces and parks.

In order to let people know about this type of project, organizers might work with a postcard printing company to design a card for local-area mailing.