New WIC office coming to Colorado Springs

July 6, 2017 by  

A new office that handles the Women, Infants and Children program, commonly called WIC, is scheduled to open soon in Colorado Springs.

The new facility will make it much easier for new and expectant mothers in the southeastern part of the city to gain access to the program. WIC offers food, nutritional advice, and referrals to healthcare providers.

According to the director of the El Paso County Public Health Department, Dan Martindale, the effort is being undertaken as officials in the public health field try to ensure their programs can be accessed easily by those who need them the most. He noted that there is already a WIC office in Colorado Springs, in the northwest part of the city, but it can be difficult to get to, particularity if the women trying to get there do not have vehicles. They then have to ride the bus, and may not have the time to make the trip that way.

The new office is on East Fountain Boulevard, and should be easy to find, according to Martindale. He hopes that in good weather, people enjoy walking to the facility. WIC helps low-income mothers by offering advice with regard to topics like breastfeeding, and keeping infants healthy.

Efforts like this can benefit if officials work with a brochure printing company to create brochures for a targeted mailing to area residents, informing them of the new location and its services.