Colorado Springs launches ‘Urban Living Tour’

May 5, 2017 by  

People curious about what it might be like to live in downtown Colorado Springs had the chance to find out recently, when they were able to tour 13 residences during the first-ever ‘Urban Living Tour’.

The tour was sponsored by Downtown Ventures, and drew about 500 participants, according to an article in The Gazette.

One of the participants, Wylene Carol, lives in a loft on Tejon Street, and answered questions from The Gazette about what it is like to live downtown, where she has been located for 16years. She said she feels safe in her home, and that it is fairly quiet, but grocery shopping can be a little tricky since there is no supermarket downtown. Carol added that she wanted other residents to know that it is wonderful to live in the city center, and that residents and businesses there have formed a close community.

The event was sponsored by a number of groups including the Housing and Building Association of Colorado Springs, and the Apartment Association of Southern Colorado. Organizers said the event was an opportunity to show people the options they have for housing in the area, including downtown lofts.

A flyer printing company can create a handout that lists the properties on the tour and the amenities of each, helping events like this connect with locals.