Colorado Springs fox kits safe with rehabilitators

April 11, 2018 by  

Firefighters from Colorado Springs recently found what they thought were “puppies” in a city storm drain recently.

They tried to catch the babies’ mother, but couldn’t do so. Firefighters took the “puppies” to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, which decided to take them to Powers Pet Emergency & Specialty for care overnight. The veterinarians at Powers determined the animals were not puppies at all, but tiny newborn red foxes.

From Powers, five of the fox kits, who were estimated to be only 24 to 48 hours old when found, were transferred to The Animal Clinic of Woodland Park. They could not have remained at the Humane Society, since that facility works only with domestic animals and cannot accept wildlife.

Terri Collins is a co-owner of The Animal Clinic, and says the five kits at the clinic are being cared for by wildlife rehabilitators. She notes that although she did not want to separate the newborns from their mother, it proved impossible to locate the vixen due to bad weather, and construction near the stormwater drain.

However, the kits are growing and doing well. Collins said the plan is to move the kits to a new facility that has an outdoor area for them, and then eventually set them free.

Events like this can act as an opportunity to provide information, and animal care experts could work with a brochure printer to create a booklet describing how people should handle wildlife.