Blackfox considering opening new campus in Colorado Springs

June 6, 2017 by  

The Blackfox Training Institute, founded in 1996, was the brainchild of professionals in the field of electronic manufacturing, who wanted to provide training for people entering their industry. The institute is considering opening a campus in the Colorado Springs area soon.

Hundreds of veterans leave the service each month in Colorado, giving the state a pool of highly-motivated workers, many of whom have been trained in technical fields. Blackfox has an Advanced Manufacturing Program for Military Veterans, which offers courses that train veterans for work in defense manufacturing and aerospace. Blackfox’s Allen Dill said there is a nation-wide shortage of people who have the skills to work in these fields.

Over 200 vets have graduated from Blackfox since it set up the military program in Longmont in 2013, where the institute has been located for 21 years. Now, the aim is to build a campus near one of the military bases in Colorado Springs, with the goal of starting the program late in 2017.

The program is free to veterans and employers; it’s funded by federal grants for training, and by the G.I. Bill. It’s also employer-driven: Blackfox doesn’t begin teaching until they have a verbal commitment, at the least, to hiring the institute’s graduates. Employers participating include companies like Lockheed Martin and Linear Manufacturing.

Efforts like this can benefit if management works with brochure printers to create attractive booklets about the course.