Vermont library helps locals trace their roots

March 11, 2018 by  

Vermont Genealogy Library is offering a range of classes as of this month.

Classes range from a general overview of investigating ancestry, to more specific subjects such as how to trace the history of Irish immigration. National borders are no obstacle: the library’s website features dedicated sections for pursuing family trees back into Canada, France, the British Isles and beyond.

Such searches can result in great discoveries: the Colchester organization’s schedule features a lecture by Joanne Polashneck on the story of Jeffrey Brace, a man whose life took him from slavery to a Revolutionary War pension.

Interest in ancestry is a hot trend right now, but the Colchester-based library has been helping locals do it for over 20 years. The organization provides a wide array of resources, ranging from access to the online database to print records that go back centuries, for Vermonters curious about their genealogy in exchange for the membership fee.

While much of the excitement around the topic of genealogy has to do with new online tools and databases, it still involves a good deal of low-tech research work, hunting through the types of print archives that the Vermont Genealogy Library has access to. Local organizations such as this one may use local print shops for everything from advertising to class materials, in addition to their online outreach efforts.