Nut Free Chocolate sets down in Colchester

May 13, 2018 by  

Vermont Nut Free Chocolate, a local business with a self-explanatory name, is setting up its new base of operations in Colchester.

The company is relocating its factory from its old home in Grand Isle to the former Furniture World of Vermont building. VNFC currently employs 35 employees, and has said it aims to increase that number by at least 20 once everything is up and running in Colchester.

VNFC was founded in 1998 by Gail and Mark Elvidge after discovering that their son Tanner had a severe peanut allergy. Twenty years later, what began as a family business has become a wholesale operation with distribution across the United States. The company’s chocolates, which range from standard chocolate bars to caramel bark to classic fudge, are available both through licensed retailers and VNFC’s online store.

The company’s logo, which graces the cover of its bars, is simple but straightforward: a round chocolate piece with a banner proclaiming it nut-free in the center of the image. For smaller companies like VNFC, which often advertise via flyer printing and other means of print-based marketing, seemingly small matters like logo design can be the difference between success and failure when trying to establish a clientele.

With parents and educators paying increasing attention to the question of allergies, products like those made from Colchester’s newest factory could be in high demand.