ECHO Center unravels science of winter

January 4, 2018 by  

With winter falling on Vermont, inquisitive children (and their parents) may be interested in discovering exactly what it is that has to be shoveled out of their driveway.

Burlington’s ECHO Center is incorporating the season into its ‘Science & Stories’ events, which combine education, storytelling, and crafts.

The first such event, on January 3, will focus on the theme of snow. In addition to exploring the chemistry behind the fluffy white stuff, participants will be able to build their own snowmen, after learning the best ways to do so from the ECHO Center’s experts. Any kid who has ever wanted to play with snow indoors will be in for a treat.

Following events, taking place on a weekly basis on Wednesday mornings, will focus on topics such as ice and footprints in the snow. Families and school classes from Burlington and surrounding towns such as Colchester looking for educational entertainment may be interested. Museums and nature centers often advertise events such as these through flyers, brochures, and poster printing, as well as online platforms.

The ECHO Center is an aquarium and science centre designed to foster the love of discovery and knowledge of Vermont’s local wildlife. In addition to educational events like Science & Stories, the Center holds more than 70 species of live animals, many from Lake Champlain and the surrounding area.