Bessery’s brings its burgers to Colchester

April 5, 2018 by  

Bessery’s Butcher Shop and Delicatessen, a staple of Burlington’s food scene, has just opened up a new storefront in Colchester.

The Burger Bar, located nearby St. Michael’s College and the University of Vermont’s Fanny Allen Campus, will offer students and other Colchester residents a choice selection of burgers and other pub grub.

The butcher shop has been in existence since 1963, and over the years has earned the appreciation of meat aficionados in the Burlington area. The menu offers double-sized ‘Tower Burgers’, with two patties and custom patties, such as the stomach-challenging ‘Double Baconator’. Also available are wings of both bone-in and boneless varieties, Philly cheesesteaks by way of Vermont, and a selection of salads for those watching their calories.

Like many contemporary restaurants, the Burger Bar looks to elevate popular food through the use of fresh ingredients, including its much-vaunted fresh ground beef. For these restaurants that do not have the advertising budgets of big chains, getting the word out usually involves both digital media outreach and more conventional print strategies like flyer printing and poster printing.

Bessery’s also offers delivery, and the Burger Bar has announced that it will be adding it soon. Its best means of attracting customers, however, may simply be sitting nearby hungry college students with a fresh beef aroma wafting through the air.