Work starts on Wasson Way Trail

March 5, 2017 by  

The Wasson Way Trail will be a bicycling trail that connects 12 east side Cincinnati neighborhoods, and workers have taken the first step in creating the trail by taking out railroad tracks.

City officials say crews will be working six-day weeks to remove railroad tracks from the 4.1 miles between Wooster Pike and Montgomery Road.

During the period it takes the crews to take up the track, some roads will be closed completely while others will have only one lane open. It is expected that the work will take between four and six weeks. Once the trail is completely finished, it will be 7.6 miles long, and run between Victory Parkway, which is located near Xavier University, and Newtown’s Little Miami Scenic Trail. Total cost of the project could be between $7.5m and $11.2m.

Roads and streets that will be affected by the ongoing removal of the railroad tracks are Madison Road, Edwards Road, Montgomery Road, Michigan Avenue, Shaw Avenue, Hyde Park Avenue, and Monteith Avenue.

Heather Poast, a resident of Hyde Park, told she was excited by the new bike trail, which she says will provide her a safe alternative to riding on the street.

Projects like this can benefit if developers work with flyer printing companies, which can print mailers with a schedule of work and suggestions for alternate routes.