Clifton seeks Community Entertainment District designation

February 6, 2018 by  

The Clifton area of Cincinnati could become a community entertainment district (CED), if the neighborhood’s business association and community council have their wish granted.

Harry Black, Cincinnati’s city manager, recently filed a memo with the mayor’s office and the city council regarding the Clifton groups’ request to set up a CED on Ludlow Avenue. The groups argue that establishing the CED in Clifton would bring new businesses to the neighborhood, and retain the ones that are already open.

The designation of CED, which has to be granted by the city, allows more liquor licenses to be granted within the area. Once the CED is conferred, the state’s Division of Liquor Control can issue as many as 15 more liquor licenses to restaurants inside the district. The licenses allow the establishments to serve liquor on the premises, and to sell wine and beer for carry out, but the licenses are not transferable out of the district.

Some have objected to the idea of this and other CEDs, saying they allow too many bars in one area. However, John Cranley, Cincinnati’s mayor, has generally supported CEDs, saying he is in favor of letting the market forces, as well as patrons, determine which bars succeed and which fail.

Measures like this affect many people, so officials might consider working with a newsletter printing company to create an informative letter for residents.