Sygenta establishes lab at University of Illinois

March 5, 2017 by  

Sygenta, an agribusiness corporation that develops solutions to help feed the world’s increasing population, has opened a Digital Innovation Lab at the University of Illinois Research Park, at UofI in Champaign-Urbana.

The lab will employ four permanent employees as well as students from the university. Researchers and workers there will be encouraged to think ‘outside the box’, using technologies, resources, partnerships, and other tools that enable them to develop new solutions for development of seeds and agricultural products.

Bill Danker, who is Syngenta’s Domain Head for Seeds Research and Breeding, says creativity in agricultural endeavors is the lifeblood of Sygenta’s work, and the lab’s focus will be on seed innovation. In addition, the company will use technology and its data assets to help it make decisions about new agricultural methods.

The university’s chancellor, Robert J. Jones, said he was delighted to have Sygenta open its new lab, since it will strengthen the relationship between the school and the company. He is particularity pleased that students at the University of Illinois will be involved in finding solutions to real-world challenges, which he sees as giving them a valuable educational experience.

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