Residents mostly satisfied with Champaign parks

June 4, 2017 by  

The Champaign Park District mailed approximately 3,500 surveys to random addresses in the community early in April 2017. Now, the first results have been compiled, and it seems people are happy with the district.

The results were put together by experts at the University of Illinois, and showed that residents seem satisfied with the way the Champaign Park District handles its services, facilities, and the programs it provides.

Robin Hall, who is with the university’s Office of Recreation and Park Resources, said 351 surveys were returned from the original mailing, noting that approximately 400 addresses were incorrect. Using the information, Hall briefed the park district board on the findings.

Hall said that, as noted, residents seem to be happy with the district in general, but the bottom line is that Champaign residents want the park district to care for what it already has. Although nothing indicates residents have any true dissatisfaction with the district’s effort presently, more details should be available in the coming weeks, when the board will be briefed again.

The survey was conducted to find out what Champaign thinks of the park district’s work overall, and to help it formulate a plan specifically for what it might do at Spalding Park in the future.

Researchers can use professionally printed presentation folders to assemble information to give to board members.