Champaign schools hope archery programs hit the target

February 2, 2017 by  

Two Champaign high schools, Centennial High School and Champaign Central High School, have both started archery programs. The decision came after a local middle school had great success introducing the sport to its students.

Lynn Srull, the physical education teacher at Jefferson Middle School, started an archery program there in 2012, with 13 students taking part. Now, the Jefferson program has grown into a major effort, with over 100 people taking part.

It was the success of the Jefferson program that led the high schools to develop programs of their own, and to compete in archery contests. In Illinois schools, archery is a club sport, not an individual effort. At the moment, neither the Illinois High School Association or the Illinois Elementary School Association sanctions the sport. The two organizations govern sports activities in the state’s school systems.

Schools across the country are becoming interesting in archery, and thousands of students are enjoying the sport. The movement to encourage the sport is a national effort led by the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). It started in Kentucky, and has spread nationwide. Educators like it, since it tends to increase students’ ability to concentrate, and outdoor organizations appreciate that it makes students aware of a larger world.

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