Chagrin Falls theater holds festival

July 3, 2017 by  

The Chagrin Valley Little Theatre, located in Chagrin Falls, is holding a festival of plays over the next several weeks.

The ‘10-10 Festival’, as it is called, is held every other year, and premieres 11 brand-new one-act works. None of the plays have ever been performed in Ohio, and many have never been performed anywhere in the world.

All of the plays are presented in a small, 65-seat theater adjacent to the main stage. The event has been held four times prior to 2017, and this year, the theater received more than 1,200 scrips from all over the United States, plus Australia, New Zealand, India, Israel, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The committee tasked with selecting the plays read every last one, and chose the 10 finalists.

Among the plays now being presented are ‘GWTW Abridged’, by Annie Taft, who comes from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She retells ‘Gone with the Wind’ in her own style. Australia’s Adam Szudrich’s show ‘Slow Dating’ is also on the schedule, and complete details of the festival are on the theater’s website.

The festival began June 23, but theatergoers still have until July 15 to see the remaining works. The performances are on Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm, and at 2:00 pm this Sunday, July 9.

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