Mixed-use complex opens in Centennial

October 7, 2017 by  

WaterWalk, a complex that is part hotel, part corporate housing, opened recently in Centennial.

The property, which is on East Peakview Avenue, took a year to build and comprises two four-story buildings offering a total of 146 rooms. The project totals 123,378 square feet.

WaterWalk combines two different housing options: a hotel; and executive housing that offers some hotel amenities. People who choose to rent a unit at WaterWalk get all their utilities, along with DirecTV, internet, and a DVR included in their monthly payment. Other benefits include a front desk manned 24/7, a washer and dryer in every unit, a fitness center, and no upfront fees such as a security deposit.

Business travelers who move into WaterWalk for a few nights—or a few months—as they relocate, take training courses, or work on temporary projects, can enjoy units that come with fully-equipped kitchens, housekeeping, in-room washers and dryers, and breakfasts delivered to their suites. They can also access the internet, DirecTV, and the fitness center, and enjoy the security of the 24/7 service provided by the front desk.

This hybrid housing project is now owned by MBC Partners, which led by Rob Mossburg. Mossburg says that now the Centennial site is open, the company is considering building two more WaterWalks in the Texas locations of Plano and Richardson, where substantial corporate growth is expected.

Owners and managers of projects like this sometimes create colorful brochures to illustrate their amenities for prospective tenants.