Brew-n-Que brings out Centennial residents

August 2, 2017 by  

Centennial hosted its second yearly Brew-n-Que, a beer and barbeque tasting festival, recently.

Held at the city’s crown jewel, Centennial Center Park, it featured beer selections from local brew masters, as well as tasty treats provided by a host of food truck operators. The event was hosted by the Centennial Rotary Club, along with Team Player Productions.

Participating breweries included Resolute Brewing Company, Grist Brewing Company, Elk Mountain Brewing, and the Lost Highway Brewing Company. Food trucks that rolled up to offer their goodies included Smokin’ J’s BBQ, Smoke the Mountains, Hangry Ohana, and Cubs BBQ.

To accompany the beer and barbeque, there was live music as well. From 3:00 to 7:00 pm, local artists Matt Rouch & the Noise Upstairs, and Sweet Lillies, filled the venue with their music. Rouch’s band offers music in many different styles, from alternative to country, while the Sweet Lillies, a band comprised of four songwriters, performs a style blending Americana and bluegrass.

Members of the public were admitted to the event free, but there was a $15 charge for a beer tasting card. With the card, attendees over the age of 21 could sample three-ounce servings of any ten brews.

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