Cedar Park plans tree recycling day

November 21, 2016 by  

Once the holidays are over and it is time to take down the Christmas tree, the City of Cedar Park will be hosting an event that will convert the trees into something that can help to keep the community beautiful.

Cedar Park will be hosting a day for tree recycling. They will be collected and shreded into mulch, which will be put to use in beautifying the gardens and other landscaped areas throughout the community. While supplies last, each person who brings their tree in for mulching will receive a free seedling to plant in their yard or a wooded area.

Those who are not able to take their tree in person can arrange for a member of the Boy Scout Troop 233 to come and pick it up for them. People who plan on recycling theirs are asked to remove any ornaments, as well as the stand and any other sorts of decorations before it is dropped off or picked up.

The event will be held on January 7 at the Parks and Recreation Center, which is located at 1435 Main Street. There is no charge to make use of this service. Flyers can help to promote an offer such as this throughout the local community to anyone who can make use of it.

More information about the recycling day is available on the city’s website.