Cedar Park invited to celebrate upcoming festival

September 30, 2017 by  

A special event has been planned for the Cedar Park area that will mark the festival of Diwali, and an invitation has been extended to one and all to join in the celebration.

The festivities will offer something for all the senses. Under the brightly colored lights that will be strung around the venue, eventgoers will be able to see examples of Indian culture such as music and dance, and there will even be a fashion show.

The kids will be able to learn Bollywood-style dance steps, and there will be art and craft stations set up for them to make a souvenir to take home with them. The gourmands in the group will be treated to a variety of Indian dishes, and everyone will be able to enjoy the demonstrations of sand art, which is also known as ‘rangoli’.

There is no charge to enter the event, and parking is also free. The organizers noted that it is open to everyone, and all will be made welcome. Banners and other Diwali-themed decorations can be both custom designed and prepared by an area printing company.

Round Rock’s Centennial Plaza will serve as the venue for the occasion, which will take place on Saturday October 21. More information about the day and its events can be found on its website.