Cedar Park event to put local school in the spotlight

August 24, 2017 by  

Cedar Park parents who have a pre-school or school aged child may wish to make plans to attend an event that will explore the different educational options that exist in the area.

The Austin School Expo North will bring together representatives from local schools as well as administrators and members of the public all under one roof. This will give parents and students alike a chance to learn more about the various choices and speak with the different school reps that will be on site.

Those who come to the event are reminded that their children will be welcome, and there will be activities set up juts for them. Parents may even be able to book a tour of the schools they are interested in. Day cares, public schools, private schools as well as charter and alternative schools will all be represented, and there will be details about different information sessions that have been planned. Schools and other educators that wish to take part in a day like this can have custom pens, branded note pads and other gifts prepared by a local printer to give away during functions like this.

The educational event will be held on September 30th in the Austin Sports Complex in Cedar Park. Tickets will be free for those who register ahead of time, and they can also be purchased at the door for $5.00 each. More information has been made available on the organizer’s Facebook page.