All aboard for beer in Cedar Park

June 13, 2017 by  

Cedar Park residents looking for an activity that’s a little out of the ordinary are invited to climb aboard the Austin Steam Train to enjoy an evening that will combine beer, gourmet food, and a ride on the rails.

Passengers on the Whitestone Brewery Beer Train will be treated to different beers from the Whitestone Brewery, all of which are crafted featuring Texas ingredients grown using sustainable methods. Each beer will be paired with a selected bite, which will be prepared by Greenhouse Craft Food’s Chef Rob Snow and Todd Engel. These will have been specially chosen to complement each of the brews provided.

This event is open to those age 21 and over, and the ticket price includes tastings of three different beers, as well as appetizer, entrée and dessert pairings. The planners of the function noted that the foods on offer would be gourmet comfort style recipes. Stationery printers can be counted upon to provide printed copies of the menu, information about the brewer and more for each of the passengers for a meal such as this.

This event combining food, trains and locally produced beers will take place on July 1st on the Austin Steam Train, which can be found at 401 East Whitestone Boulevard in Cedar Park. Anyone who would like to reserve a spot of find out more is invited to visit the venue’s website.