Huge amusement park proposed for Casa Grande

May 9, 2017 by  

In the last decade, several developers have proposed building amusement parks in Arizona, but none has come to fruition. Now, The Blocks Sports Company has presented a proposal for an amusement park, this time to be located in Casa Grande

The project, to be known as ‘Dreamport Villages’, would cover about 1,500 acres near the interchange of I-8 and I-10. Carrying a price tag of up to $4bn, the project could take as long as 10 years to complete.

The park closest to the proposed Dreamport Villages is probably DisneyWorld in Orlando, Florida, where rides, retailers, hotels, night clubs, and restaurants are all part of the project. At Dreamport Villages, plans call for similar attractions that would make the park a destination in itself.

Among the planned features are ‘The Block’, an area where people can enjoy extreme sports such as rock climbing, ziplines, and driving Go-Karts. On the drawing board, as well is a resort-style hotel offering 300 rooms, meeting spaces, and an indoor water park.

An amusement park with an animal theme, known as ‘The Wild’, will feature not only animal shows but also another hotel, a log flume ride, and a carousel. The large lake mentioned will be the centerpiece of the project, and office, retail, and restaurant space comprising some 420,000 square feet will surround it.

Projects like this often require developers to create brochures that help visitors find their way to various attractions.