Electric cars to be built in Casa Grande

November 4, 2016 by  

Atieva, a Chinese car company, is going to build its electric cars in Casa Grande, Recode.net has reported. The tech website’s news was covered in an article in the Casa Grande Dispatch.

Atieva believes its cars will challenge the Tesla for its market segment, and plans to introduce its vehicle at Menlo Park this month. The car, known for the moment as the Atvus, will be built in Casa Grande rather than Sacramento.

Recode also reported that business magnate Elon Musk was considering building a $5bn facility in Casa Grande. The ‘Gigafactory’ would have produced battery packs for the Tesla, but Musk ended up building the plant near Reno, Nevada.

The website also said the new plant is receiving tax incentives from Arizona to make it attractive for production to be located here. It quoted a senior engineer at Atieva who said Arizona does not want to miss a second chance at getting a major facility built in the state, and believed Arizona was being very generous with its incentives.

The report on Recode also said Atieva has set a very ambitious goal: it wants to start selling its cars before the end of 2018. Meanwhile, electrek, another tech site, has said the company plans to use the name ‘Lucid Motors’ when it operates in the United States.

Companies like these can benefit by using brochures to explain their products and plans to area residents.