Domes in Casa Grande to be razed

October 5, 2017 by  

Pinal County officials have ordered the structures known as the “Casa Grande Domes” to be razed.

The domes, which are in the city, were inspected earlier this year, and a hearing officer found they were a safety hazard. After listening to that officer’s observations, officials voted to affirm his findings, and ordered the domes to be torn down.

The dilapidated domes have drawn attention for years, including a visit from the crew of the “Ghost Adventures” television show.

Dan Peer manages the domes, and asked the supervisors to leave them alone, saying the county should hire a structural engineer to prove the domes were dangerous. He believes the buildings are sound, and the owner has the right to use and enjoy them.

Supervisors did not agree with Peer, however, noting there are no utilities hooked up, and the two wells on the property cannot be used. When asked who used the domes and for what purpose, Peer said occasionally they were used as movie props. He added that since his clients preferred the “run down” look, he would not be painting or maintaining them. However, they haven’t been used since last October, and in December, part of the largest dome fell in.

No time frame for the demolition has been set, but officials can assist projects like this by working with a newsletter printing company to create an update letter for residents.