Casa Grande working on transportation issues

March 4, 2017 by  

Casa Grande is continuing to grow, making it imperative to find new transportation options. To meet this need, the city, along with the Sun Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization, is working on the Casa Grande Transit Development Plan.

The plan has a number of objectives that proceed in logical order. The first is to understand both the existing issues and needs, and those that are likely to arise in the future. Next is to establish objectives and goals of the transit service, and then to identify its needs. The next step will be to develop alternative types of service, make recommendations, and finalize a plan for implementing the systems. It will then be necessary to figure out financing, and finally, to attract users.

Officials will also conduct public meetings and ask residents to think about what they want their transit system to accomplish. They say they will consider different options – including ride sharing services like Lyft and Uber, traditional bus service, and vanpools – and want to hear from potential users.

The first meeting took place on February 23, and the second is scheduled for some time late this month. The third meeting will be in October. Residents who cannot attend in person are able to fill out a survey online.

Efforts like this can benefit if officials work with flyer printing companies to create mailers for residents to encourage their feedback.