Casa Grande has new Community Services Director

June 4, 2017 by  

Larry Rains, the city manager of Casa Grande, recently announced the selection of Steve Hardesty as the city’s new Community Services Director. Hardesty will assume his duties on June 19, according to an article on the city’s website.

Hardesty is coming from Salina, Kansas, to join the Casa Grande local government. In Kansas, he held a number of management posts, most recently as Deputy Director of Parks and Recreation. In that capacity, Hardesty supervised and managed eight divisions, including golf course, athletic programs, and recreation programs. In Salina, Hardesty spearheaded the construction of the Salina Fieldhouse, a $13.1m project. He also worked on the remodeling of an event center, an effort that carried at $1.7m price tag.

In Casa Grande, Hardesty will have the responsibility of planning, directing, and coordinating operations under the purview of Community Services. This includes golf courses, libraries, swimming pools, playgrounds, and parks, among others. It will also be his responsibility to evaluate activities and operations, and analyze trends, utilization of resources, and the requirements of various programs.

Hardesty said that he and his wife are excited by the opportunity and look forward to joining the Casa Grande community, noting that almost everyone in the city is affected by the work of Community Services.

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