High schoolers could win $20,000

July 1, 2016 by  

Every year many students across the United States, who attend their high school prom, are able to participate in the Duck Tape’s Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest in which they vie for a grand prize of $10,000 in scholarship money. The challenge of the contest is to create and wear a prom outfit that is completely made of duct tape. The contest is a great motivator to students with a high level of creativity and artistic savvy.

This year two students of Cardinal Gibbons High School near Cary have received national attention for their dragon-themed outfits, which are complete with a corsage and other matching accessories. The students, Heather Rahl and Sean Devers, have nationally distinguished themselves as one of the top ten couples who are now finalists in the competition that will be held on July 6th, 2016.

Only first place winners will receive the grand prize of $10,000 each. Second place winners will receive $5,000 each, and third place winners will receive $3,000 each. The money in the form of a scholarship is great.
This particular contest is well-known across the United States, but most contests will make great use of marketing services or a service such as poster printing for promotion and recognition.

Whether they take first place or tenth place in the competition, Heather and Sean have already demonstrated the characteristics of true winners when they dedicated 400 hours of their time and 49 rolls of tape toward their goal; so hats off to these high school students.