Four-day holiday shopping comes to the campus

December 1, 2016 by  

The residents of Cary and other close lying communities are being given the opportunity to do some holiday shopping as the month begins.

An event known as The Holiday Shoppe got underway yesterday, kicking off December shopping in a unique way. Located inside of the SEA building, which is on the Cary Academy Campus, at least 100 vendors will be exhibiting and selling their crafts, wares, art, and edibles.

The festive event, which lasts for four days, has become a tradition for residents of the area, and over 5,000 people will usually attend. Event organizers might benefit from banners that could aid in the arrangement of the exhibits and enhance the holiday setting at the same time. Shoppers will not have to pay taxes on their Holiday Shoppe purchases, and admission is free.

The vendors, artisans, clothing vendors, and handcrafters will have something for everyone, like home décor, jewelry, children’s items, accessories, foods, gifts, and specialty items. Each year, shoppers come from all over the state to participate in this unique shopping experience. The sales last year broke the Holiday Shoppe’s record, and as always, some of the revenue went to community outreach programs and to scholarships for those in need.

It all takes place at the Cary Academy Campus, continuing today and running until Sunday, December 3.