Native flora to be focus of Carlsbad workshop series

February 11, 2017 by  

Carlsbad nature lovers and those who want to learn more about native flowers and other flora may wish to reserve a space on their calendars for an upcoming event.

San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy will be hosting a series of wildflower workshops that will give participants a wealth of knowledge about native plants, their role in the area’s ecosystems, and what makes them unique. They will also discover why they are very important to the other creatures that depend on them for food, habitat, and more. The sessions will be facilitated by naturalist Dr. Elizabeth Venrick, who is one of the conservancy’s board members.

The seminars will take place both inside and outside a classroom setting, and there will also be field tours where people can get hands-on experience. San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy, which has organized the events, is a not-for-profit land trust that cares for the San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve. Booklet printing can be used to create plant guidebooks and other materials for events such as this.

The cost to take part in the sessions, which will begin on March 4 and run until May 20, is $60 for conservancy members and $90 for the rest of the general public. They will be held rain or shine, and are open to those who are age 16 or over. Further details can be found on the San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy’s website.