Performance Center now part of Hall of Fame Village

July 3, 2017 by  

Though not part of the original components, a performance center is now being planned as part of the Hall of Fame Village under construction in Canton.

The facility is designed as a multipurpose venue, and would include an arena. There would be enough space to hold a convention or play a football game. In addition, it is expected that the Cleveland Cavaliers, the city’s NBA basketball team, will relocate to the new venue.

The basketball arena seats 5,500, and can be converted to a football field, according to the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Steve Strawbridge. The arena is so spacious that when it is set up, there will still be 80 yards of the space taken up by the football field available for use by conventioneers, so that two events can be held simultaneously.

A garage door that opens to a grass-covered outdoor football field will be installed, so two football games can be played at the same time. Strawbridge noted this could mean that NFL teams from the West Coast scheduled to play two games in the East could stay in Canton and get in a practice session between games.

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