Canton Symphony announces bilingual series of performances

January 6, 2017 by  

The Canton Symphony Orchestra has devised a way to help children understand the various instruments it uses, no matter whether they speak English or Spanish.

The organization is holding a series of what it calls SymphonyLand trios, which are interactive and based on a children’s book. The books are bilingual (English/Spanish), and feature Bear, a child-friendly character. The stories will be read in English as the musicians perform, with some Spanish vocabulary added to enhance the story.

First up is the string trio, which will present the story of ‘Bear at Home’ (‘Oso en Casa’). Second is the woodwind trio, which will tackle ‘Bear in Sunshine’ (‘Oso bajo el sol’). The final performance is by the brass trio, which will present ‘Bear in a Square’ (‘Oso en un cuadrado’). The series is capped off by a Kinder Concert by the full orchestra, titled ‘Bear on a Bike’ (‘Oso en una Bicicleta’).

Each of the trios gives performances at 10:00 am and another at 11:00 am, on each of the days they are scheduled. The string trio will appear January 11 and 14. On February 8 and 11, it will be the turn of the woodwind trio, and on March 8 and 11, the brass trio performs. In May, the series ends with the Kinder Concert.

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