Canton proposes increase in income tax

February 1, 2018 by  

The Canton City Council will be voting soon on whether or not to place a tax increase on the ballot in May.

The increase would be 0.5%, which would give the city an additional $11.5m annually. It would then divide this amount among neighborhood, capital, general, and comprehensive plan funds.

Canton’s mayor, Thomas Bernabei, strongly supports the increase, and discussed the measure with members of the city council during the meeting. He expressed his concern about the issues facing the city, including the steady decline in Canton’s population over the last three-quarters of a century. He also discussed Canton’s comprehensive plan, which recommends that $250m be invested in vital areas over the next 10 years. The mayor believes the $250m is the optimum amount necessary to turn the city’s decline around, and the only way to raise the money is to increase taxes.

Mayor Bernabei asked Andrea Perry, the city’s safety director, to explain how the police and fire departments would use the funding, and then asked Fonda Williams, the deputy mayor, to discuss the way the additional funding will help in neighborhood revitalization efforts. In the end, the council decided to vote on whether to place the resolution on the ballet. The vote take place on Monday, February 5.

Measures like this affect people communitywide, so officials could work with a newsletter printing company to create a letter providing accurate information to residents.