Canton museum features pop culture exhibition

June 4, 2017 by  

On May 19, the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum’s Keller Gallery was the site of the opening of an exhibition that should prove to be a crowd-pleaser for people of all ages.

‘Mom What’s That?’ features artifacts from the period 1970-2000, and is the brainchild of Kim Kenney, the Assistant Director and Curator of the facility, according to an article in the Daily Jeffersonian.

Kenney got the idea when her nephew, who was five at the time, came home from his pre-Kindergarten class with a VHS tape in hand, wondering what it was. Kenney said:

“It might as well have been a dinosaur bone.”

At first she found his curiosity amusing, then she realized many things she recognizes are alien to today’s young people. The exhibit came together quickly after that.

The items on display include items that are familiar to older people, but will likely baffle kids. These include a VCR, payphone, electric typewriter, analog clock, and Betamax. There is a special exhibit of photos of Mother Gooseland, an amusement park that closed in the 1980s.

The exhibit runs through September 3, and there will also be a special family-friendly event exploring the exhibition on June 28.

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