Local artist claims Emmy to make up for her efforts

September 19, 2012 by  

Patti Ramsey Bortoli, a makeup artist from Woodland Hills, won a Creative Emmy Award on September 15 for her work on ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

The Creative Emmy Awards honor those who work behind the scenes to create the visions of the writers and directors. As part of the Dancing with the Stars makeup team, Bortoli helps to make the dancers look their best through all the sweat and tears.

Bortoli called the nomination a validation of her work by her peers and proof that hard work does indeed pay off. The award is certainly validation for the mom of two who has put in more than 17 years into printing services and the television industry.

Working on the set involves many long days away from her children. In order to include the kids in her work, Bertoli lets them stay up to watch the Dancing with the Stars, a move which has inspired her daughter to want to be just like her mom.

She has also worked on the Academy Awards, America Music Awards, and iCarly – a TV show for kids on Nickelodeon for which Bertoli was nominated for an Emmy in 2011. The ‘Dancing’ make up team has been nominated for an Emmy Award since 2007, winning in 2008.

The Emmy Awards are handed out each year to the best and brightest in the television industry by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Awards ceremonies often utilize printing companies for their programs and event schedules.