West Sacramento bridge-builders reach out

May 26, 2012 by  

On Labor Day weekend, the “People Who Really Build Things!” group will be involved in Chalk it Up at Fremont Park, a yearly sidewalk chalk art festival.

The group make use of the social networking site Meetup, which is an online network enabling like-minded entrepreneurs to gather in their local community and attempt to better themselves or some aspect of their social or professional community.

Creative entrepreneurs, inventors, and artists tend to work alone in a room filled with electronics, machines, software, or paints. They need each other to bounce new ideas around and seek feedback. But first, they need to find each other. This is the power of the Meetup movement. Meetup provides that vital platform for the unseen movers and shakers in the West Sacramento area to plan, build, share, and brainstorm together while having a barrel of fun in the process.

In West Sac, “People Who Really Build Things!” meetup group specifically supports artists and inventors and is sponsored by the Downtown/Midtown Meetup and the SAC Geeks Meetup. Recent group events have included a trip to the 7th Annual Maker Faire in the San Francisco Bay area.

In addition to face-to-face group meetings and events, “People Who Really Build Things!” hosts a website with discussions and message boards so that help, support, and encouragement are never more than a click away.

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