Effective direct mail campaigns

February 18, 2012 by  

At a time when social media snaps up attention for its marketing genius, tried and true direct mail advertising is still relevant and affordable, thanks to Postal Business Class discounts. As part of a complete marketing strategy that includes email and web presence, direct mail provides the important tactile name-in-hand connection with clients.

West Sacramento printing companies manage a sophisticated array of tools to target mailings to specific households. Variable data printing customizes mailings from birth to delivery by integrating information from client data bases with the printing process. In this way the delivery piece is personalized to the exact recipient.

Another means of improving the effectiveness of a direct mailing is to look at basics like design of the envelope, the letter, and the response material. A print company can tailor stationery printing, envelope printing, and postcard printing to meet the latest trends and to launch the delivery piece to attention in the hands of the recipient.

Print companies in the West Sacramento area can help their customers build an effective document package. Specific ideas to consider are:
* What type of envelope and letter copy is most likely to connect with clients
* Which formats are best and why
* How to design the position and size of reply cards for optimum effect.
* When to use long letters or short letters
* How to take advantage of new techniques with margins, color, fonts
* The ins and outs of personalization

Print companies have examples of all sorts of materials to help customers visualize their own product and needs.