Vallejo celebrates Pista Sa Nayon

May 25, 2012 by  

The Filipino-American community of Vallejo will sponsor its annual Pista Sa Nayon, Philippine Cultural Celebration (PCC), at the waterfront on June 2. This one-day event kicks off a month of celebration for Filipino-Americans.

The first Filipinos arrived in the region in 1898 as a result of the Battle of Manila, the first major battle of the Spanish American War. The US Navy’s use of Mare Island brought more Filipinos in the wake of the Philippine-American War. Today, approximately 30,000 Filipino-American’s contribute to the economic force and the cultural diversity of the Vallejo area. The Philippine community celebrates Philippine Cultural Month each June, as a commemoration to Philippine Independence from Spain.

Pista Sa Nayon is a tradition originating in the Philippines and celebrated in many American communities with a large Filipino-American population. The Vallejo Pista Sa Nayon concentrates up to 50,000 guests from both the local Bay area and the larger California region. The event begins with the grand parade at 9:20 am, followed by a steady stream of family entertainment presented on two stages. Over 100 vendor booths will offer an array of wonderful Filipino food and activities for all ages.

A variety of Vallejo area businesses and organizations will take advantage of the promotional opportunities that come with sponsorship packages, which place sponsor names in poster printing, postcard printing, advertisements in souvenir programs, live acknowledgements from stage, and admission to the PCC dinner and dance. In addition, Ginto and Pilak sponsors are invited to display their banner printing on stage.

Pista Sa Nayon will be a fun packed day for both families and businesses.