Thousands of Young Musicians Compete in Vallejo

April 19, 2012 by  

From April 27 to May 19, over 5,000 young musicians will travel through Vallejo to participate in the ‘Music in the Parks’ competition event. With four weekends of performances and competition, ‘Music in the Parks’ is a welcome attraction for local musicians and students in Vallejo who study choir, orchestra or band. Vallejo natives aren’t the only ones enjoying the music. After their performances, the competing students are given tickets to spend the day at the nearby Six Flags Discovery Kingdom theme park.

This means Vallejo’s hotels, restaurants, and other business and attractions have a great opportunity to contact local print companies to create postcards, flyers, banners, and posters to draw these large crowds into their establishments. There is an estimated need of over 1,300 hotel rooms over the course of the event and an even greater need for quality dining. Parents and other supporters of each competitor may be on the lookout for cafes, coffee shops, book stores, and other quiet spots to pass time and rest. Targeting these individuals can be a great way to increase foot traffic through your doors.

Because each performance is free and open to the public, they are sure to attract families, music-lovers and even those individuals on a budget. Handing out printed postcards at select venues like Vallejo High School, the First Presbyterian Church, the Second Baptist Missionary Church, and Morton Field on Mare Island can increase your audience. Plus, distributing compact printed materials allows for additional word-of-mouth advertising that can further increase the reach of your business or event.