Some Northern California gas prices drop

June 21, 2012 by  

A recent report from AAA Insurance has revealed that gas prices have fallen in some areas of Northern California, including Vallejo and Napa.

The average price of gas, according to the report, is around $4 a gallon, although in some areas it has fallen below that price. In Vallejo, Costco had regular unleaded gas at $3.75 for a gallon. Although gas prices have fallen since the beginning of May, the prices are still higher than a year ago when the average was $3.88.

In June 2008, the highest price recorded for regular unleaded gas in the same areas was $4.54 for a gallon. The AAA Insurance report indicates the average price of gas is now $4.12, which is eight cents lower than in May. Gas prices have also dropped in the San Francisco Bay Area, where gas has dropped five cents to $4.24. Just one week ago, the average price of gas across the state was $4.10 but has now dropped to $3.99. As prices fall dramatically, banner printing services may be utilized to compete with other gas stations in the area.

The highest gas prices across all 50 states can be found in Hawaii at $4.87, with Alaska and Washington second and third consecutively. According to the AAA Insurance services, the fall in prices is partly due to the decrease in the price of crude oil. The price of gas drops by 2.5 cents a gallon for every $1 drop in crude oil, as a general rule, which is good news for US drivers.