Mr. Ric’s building has new owner

February 12, 2014 by  

Vallejo residents can look forward to a new business opening in the location that once housed Mr. Ric’s menswear. The building was recently bought by local businessman Ken Ingersoll, of Gracie’s Barbecue fame.

The building’s premier corner site makes it attractive to an array of possible tenants. Ingersoll has already made it clear he intends to be choosy about the next occupant, stating:

“We want to find the right tenant, not just any tenant. It’s a great corner. It has a courtyard area that has been part of the street landscape the city did. It’s in close proximity to the Empress (Theatre) and right in the middle of the downtown.”

Lots of uses have been suggested, mostly along the eatery line, but Ingersoll and his leasing agent, realtor Fred Sessler, are balancing several factors in their selection process. They want to ensure that whatever the business, it attracts the type of customer that benefits other businesses on the block and serves the needs of local residents.

A number of renovations completed on the 65,000 square foot building, which has six units already leased to different concerns, have opened-up the former clothing space. Ingersoll is pleased with the effect and confident his investment in the building will pay off, as downtown Vallejo attracts larger numbers of permanent residents.

Ingersoll sees downtown Vallejo as being ripe for investment. With its mix of arts venues and small businesses, from bookstores to stationery printers, it appears to be an urban area making a comeback.