Citizen’s contribution noted in Vallejo

March 28, 2014 by  

Vallejo has a new volunteer superstar, Ravi Shankar, who was recently asked to join the Vallejo Sister City Commission.

This is just one of his ventures on behalf of the community, however; he also works regularly at the People’s Garden on Mare Island, and is an enthusiastic participant in the city’s Participatory Budgeting (PB) process.

Shankar’s commitment to Vallejo’s PB is well-known. So far, he is pleased with the experience, saying:

“I would say it changed my life… I got fully involved, and I’m so happy that I was made a part of that. I felt [with Participatory Budgeting] that we have made a difference, a dent, and that we can carry this process year after year.”

It was Shankar’s work in budgeting that caught the attention of Alea Gage, an analyst for the city and co-manager for the PB effort, who commented:

“I would say about Ravi that he truly believes that he gets as much as he gives, so he gives and gives. He truly wants people to feel valued in the community and feel that they have a voice in the community.”

When he is not engaged in his volunteer activities, Shankar works as an independent bookkeeper. Citizen volunteers, from the visual technology professional to the expert in digital business card printing to the stay-at-home parent, are a crucial element of a vital community.