Two local chances to make ideas better

July 15, 2013 by  

Locals can learn how to take an idea from thought to creation in a workshop taking place later this week at the CoLoft, 920 Santa Monica Blvd., in Santa Monica, less than half an hour from Torrance.

‘Perfecting Product Design: How to Create ‘Screen-Lickable’ Products’ introduces participants to the different ways ideas are conceived, how to then build that product, and the best way to ship it to customers.

In addition to learning innovative techniques, the basics will be covered as well, such as determining cost.

Instructor Scott Hurff has compiled this information from over 10 years of experience and interviews from some of the top social media companies, such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Hurff is the author of ‘Perfecting Product Design’. He has worked for Dick Clark Productions, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Disney, and TMZ.

The workshop takes place at 7:00 pm this Thursday, July 18.

After that will be a chance to take idea building a step further with a workshop on photography called ‘How to make bold, powerful and dramatic photographs’ taking place from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. on Saturday, July 20 and Saturday, July 27.

This workshop is for anyone who has a desire to make bold, dramatic and powerful visual images that convey universal meanings, and it might well provide inspiration to anyone working for a local graphic design or print company.

The course will be taught by visual consultant Martin Isaacson, and will be held at 933 North Chiang Kai-Shek Road in Los Angeles.