Transit center is firmly on track

February 12, 2014 by  

The design for the Torrance Transit Center is on schedule and winning kudos from city council members.

Changes to the Transit Center plans approved at the council’s final January meeting included enhanced security measures, additional signage, and a change in how water will be brought into the facility.

Close attention is being paid by Torrance city officials and residents to the Center’s development. As Assistant City Manager Mary Giordano noted to Council members:

“We were very cognizant that cities very rarely have an opportunity to do public architecture.”

Center plans have undergone changes in the past few months based on comments from city department heads, council members, and other interested stakeholders. Transit Director Kim Turner, who is closely involved in guiding the project. said:

“We’ve come up with something that’s really a showpiece. Our goal is to make something…well, I call it ‘Torrance Live,’–somewhere everyone wants to go.”

After seeing the latest design renderings of the Center, Councilmember Gene Barnett said it will look “phenomenal” if all goes to plan.

Hopes are high the Transit Center will become a hub of civic activities and events, while also serving the transit needs of the city. This type of development also attracts private investment ventures and boosts businesses from new eateries to specialty print companies. For the city of Torrance, the new Center promises to be a win-win.